HOMER Engineer Hours Details

HOMER Engineer Hours can be used for any aspect of customer support, including project planning, design advice, file reviews, etc.

HOMER Engineer Hours can be purchased in increments of one hour and expire one year from the date of purchase.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions for HOMER Engineer Hours.

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Accessing HOMER Engineer Hours

To begin using your hours, please create a support ticket at https://homerenergy.force.com/supportcenter/s/. Although we may decide that telephone or Skype are the best ways to solve your problem, we always request that you begin with a written explanation of the problem. If you are working with HOMER, attach your .homer file to your ticket for the most effective response.

IMPORTANT: You must submit your ticket using the email addresss of the HOMER Energy User account that is authorized to access the support.

Please note that we charge in 15-minute increments, but questions that can be answered in 7 minutes or less are not normally charged. In the event that your issue was caused by a bug in HOMER, we will credit you for any support hours charged.

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Sharing HOMER Engineer Hours

You may designate other users who are authorized to access your HOMER Engineer Hours. Go to My HOMER Engineer Hours and click the "Authorize Other Users" button.

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